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We are owner-managed, independent, creative and always available for good, affordable, innovative and successful projects and tasks. We bring a lot of experience and knowledge with us to create and work on complex projects quickly and impressively. We broaden our horizons every day, never stop listening and never stop learning, we always go on.

Together with our customers, we develop strategies and methods that put your products, brands and services in the foreground. We work with a pool of competent and proven freelancers and cooperation partners who never leave us and our customers out in the rain.

For us it always applies: ‘Pictures say more than 1000 words’, ‘White is black and black is white – only the other way round’, ‘Colors speak all languages’ – but sometimes ‘words prickle and delight the mind’(Aristophanes)!

In addition, we work for every customer according to the motto
“Dream big – think different!”,
no matter how big or small the company may be.

About us

We are your professional and reliable full-service advertising agency with over 22 years of experience in Mallorca. Our agency, managed by Nicola Hieber, stands for personality, flexibility, inventiveness and creativity and is based on more than 22 years of experience. Our employees all work on a freelancer basis and therefore take the time they need for your project.


Nicola Hieber

Owner, Graphics, Programmer, PR & Media & Community Manager


Sabine Hirsch

Designer, graphic artist, creative & photographer


Charlotte Niedenhoff

SEO, SEM and Social Media


Andra Yogi

IT, developer & programmer

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those who
love color the most.


That's how we work

We take a close look at all the information that you (want to) give us.
Then we start the ideas machine and then create an ideas and work list or a complete project plan, depending on the scope of the request, with the corresponding one individual cost estimate. This will then be sent to you as soon as possible.

You now choose from the proposals the ones that appeal to you, both on the creative side and in terms of price.
Then send us the marked and signed offer back. Depending on the budget, we calculate part of the offer in advance, this applies in particular to new customers and first orders.

Now we get started and coordinate every step with you. Depending on the order, you will receive from us layouts, dummies, previews and final artwork, and finally your desired end product. You will then receive the total invoice for the order from us.

Our Logo

You will surely be surprised by our logo, the stylized butterfly.

As adult animals, butterflies are also known as imagines. This word comes from the Latin and represents the majority of the word imago, which means “picture”.
And it’s about pictures, because they say more than 1000 words.

We use it because we perceive butterflies as something light, happy and, above all, colorful. Every drawing is creative and every pattern is unique. So it fits perfectly!

Our owner & founder

The owner and founder of mallorca media, Nicola Hieber, has in addition to her studies in business administration with a focus on personnel / human resources, business informatics and marketing, various further training courses in social media and e-tourism marketing, a master’s in community management and a degree in Completed Pro Football Scouting. She completed her training in Germany as well as in Australia, France, the USA, Ireland and Spain, so she speaks 4 languages ​​fluently.

After her training, she worked for well-known agencies with well-known customers (including Fisherman’s Friend, Brooks Sports GmbH, World Wrestling Entertainment, Topps LLC + GmbH,

Ricosta GmbH, Volkswagen Group Representation Unter den Linden Berlin) worked, was Marketing Manager & amp; PR consultant for a large cell phone case manufacturer and has been self-employed for many years. You can find further information on the career here:   She worked as a consultant for Marketing Consulting Mallorca SL until 2019 and was a lecturer at the IHK-Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg until 2020.   In 2021 mallorca media’s head office was relocated to Germany and is now part of the Schneifel Media .


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